— March 23, 2024

How to Survive in the Age of AI

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Apologies for the rattling headline but I think it's time to address the elephant in the room. There are people out there who have inherently negative opinions of AI.

Today's newsletter is NOT about these types of people. If you're reading these words then you are, at the very least, curious about AI and probably want to learn more about using it creatively.

Here's the good news: You're ahead of at least 95% of the folks out there. But here's the bad news: The closer you are to the action, or the bleeding edge as they say, the more likely you are to freak out every other week.

If you're amazed and optimistic about how AI allows you to do so much more but also concerned about getting left behind, then this newsletter is for you.


That's right, you are already way ahead of most people. When you're watching every single AI news video that my buddy Matt Wolfe puts out, it's very easy to feel like you can't keep up. 😨

That's because you literally can't. Nobody can. The only people who are remotely aware of all of the things going on in the space (without actual deep knowledge) are the people who cover the news. 🗞️

It's their job to stay on top of all of the latest developments. That doesn't mean that the entire world is overtaking you.

So next time you see another silly hook that reads "If you're not doing/using XYZ, then you're falling behind", just ignore it because it's BS. 🤣 They're exploiting your deepest instincts.

Just look at these 2 charts that show the relative search interest for ChatGPT and Midjourney. ChatGPT is plateauing and Midjourney's is stabilizing after many people lost interest, especially since they also have a lot more competition nowadays.

Search Interest for "ChatGPT" over time Search Interest for "ChatGPT" over time
Search Interest for "Midjourney" over time Search Interest for "Midjourney" over time

So don't worry, if you're staying on top of the news and also using the most relevant tools out there, then you're already part of the leading pack. 🐺 That being said, I fully understand why so many people feel nervous.

So here's my quick guide on how to survive in the age of AI, no matter whether you're a business owner or an employee.

  1. Pick an Area of Expertise & Immerse Yourself
  2. Enhance Your Existing Business with AI
  3. Become More Employable

Let's dive in.

OPTION #1: Pick an Area of Expertise & Immerse Yourself

There is no such thing as an "AI Expert" if you ask me. AI is just an overarching term for several different AI technologies that serve many different purposes.

The most prominent ones are those that attract the most interest from consumers like you and me. If you want to become a "voice" 🎙️ in this space, your best bet is to pick an area that genuinely interests you and double down on it.

Learn everything there is to know about it but don't stop there. Unless you already have a network of clients and partners, you're going to have to demonstrate to the world that you know your stuff. 🌍

You need to translate those skills into actual output that can serve as a reference. All of the stuff you see me share on YouTube is proof that I know what I'm talking about.

And that's how you eventually get noticed and people start contacting you for advice and services.

OPTION #2: Enhance Your Existing Business with AI

If you already have a business of your own, there are about a gazillion different ways in which AI tools can help you become so much better. AI can help you get work done faster. 🏃‍♂️

AI can help you simply do more without external help. 💪 AI can completely replace many of the things you currently do yourself. 🛌

AI can even help you be more creative. 🎨 I'm not saying you should try to implement AI into everything you do.

That's not just unrealistic, I also think it's counterproductive. However, you can identify aspects of your business where AI can make a difference.

Prioritize them by their potential impact (time saved, output, money saved, etc). Pick one, implement it, analyze the results, fix issues, and finalize the implementation. 🔎

And then you move on to the next. Be careful not to fall prey to shiny object syndrome.

There will always be something new that can do some tasks even better. But if you want to achieve results, you must follow through with something. 🏁

OPTION #3: Become More Employable

The world of business is brutal. Big companies aren't humans.

They are an abstract lifeform that will always strive to maximize profits. 🏦 If companies can achieve more with fewer people thanks to AI, then that's what they're going to do.

Cause, you know....employees can be expensive, unreliable, moody, they get sick, they need vacations, etc. 🤷‍♂️ That's bad news for employees.

Cause software needs none of those things. 🤖👋 Autonomous agents still have a bit of a way to go, but a highly skilled employee can "supervise" A LOT of agents.

So, if you have the option of hiring one person at $150,000/year who can manage 20 autonomous agents, or hiring 20 people at $50,000/year, who do you choose? Exactly. 💰🤑

The ability to effectively use tools such as ChatGPT will become an absolute table stake. Similar to how every single office employee should be able to use Microsoft Excel.

And we all know that there's a huge difference between just using Excel and doing some black magic shit with pivot tables. 😆 Most people don't even understand how a basic VLOOKUP works. 🤦

The same is true for ChatGPT, Midjourney & Co. So figure out what AI tools are relevant in your industry or profession, and learn to demonstrate how you can achieve MORE than other people, simply because you know how to use these tools properly.

Focus on Leveraging the Technology

If you look at AI as a threat then you're never going to harness its power for your own ends. The fact that you can see how it may impact jobs just means that you're well-informed about what it can do. 🤯

So rather than worrying about things that are outside your control, focus on leveraging the technology to the best of your ability. Whether you're a consultant, a freelancer, a business owner, or simply an employee....

Learn to use the tools, create value for other people, and get paid for your services. That's it for today.

I'll see you next week!

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